Our Story

We started Smile Smile in 2005 in our second story home in Dallas, TX. Jencey practiced on a hand-me-down organ and I had a no name guitar that I found in a dumpster. We wrote songs honestly, with no regard for the current music trends. Our friend Russell booked our first shows at legendary Dallas clubs, Trees and Gypsy Ballroom. We could play five songs and used our show money to pay the electric bill. In the winter of 2005 we recorded a three song demo in our living room and sent it to Josh Venable, the host of The Adventure Club on KDGE 102.1 in Dallas. It was a burned CD in a manilla envelope and we thought it was a long shot. A week later he sent us an email telling us he was going to play Smile Smile on the radio and that got the ball rolling for us. We were lucky enough to have a good deal of success. Then we had a shattering breakup and went through the devastating process of writing and recording “Truth on Tape“. Now we are giving it to you as a testament to living our dreams, living through a broken heart and the aftermath of love. Please share your stories with us and we hope it helps.

Your Stories

Post your stories here...happy, sad, love!
  1. Dan says:

    Hi I just wanted to say that the new cd sounds really awesome and thank you guys for making such honest music.

  2. Libby says:

    I am so excited for you guys. The new album sounds fantastic. I know it will be on repeat in my car/house/earbuds for a long time.

    I have so many great memories of Smile Smile, I will always have them in my heart.

    Great Job Ryan and Jencey.

  3. Sara says:

    Ryan and Jencey-

    I have only been a fan for a couple of months, but you two have melted my heart. The truth that you guys sing is amazing, and anyone can connect at any time. Your music is the truth that nobody wants to hear or even sing about. You guy’s are true to your fans and have the biggest heart. Smile Smile is and always will be my go-to music no matter what mood I am in. Thank you for the great memories and great music. I will always be a fan and you guys will always and forever be in my heart.

    <3 Sara

  4. Danae says:

    I can’t say I’ve been in your exact situation, but I can totally relate to it. My story? I have so many…don’t know if I’ve found true love, I believed I had at those moments, but after the messy break-ups, I realized that they were all just practice runs. In a funny way, even though it came from a break up, this music makes me happy and gives me hope that one day I will have someone worth “begging to stay”. ;)

    Love & light

  5. Lauren says:

    My story just seems like a bad dream now, but after two years, I found out my first love had been cheating the entire time. After three days of not eating or sleeping or moving I stupidly agreed to get back together, and for some reason was surprised when it kept happening. One day I realized I’d stopped feeling all together, and I couldn’t live like that anymore, so I told him it was all over. Even though he took a while to leave, a weight was instantly lifted off of me. I felt like I could live and breathe again. In hindsight, I’ve become grateful for his chapter in my life’s story, because now I know at what point love stops being enough, and how and when to let go of people that can’t take care of your heart anymore.


  6. Eladio says:

    Hi, i just discovered your music through your last album “truth on tape”.

    Very nice indeed.

    Good luck to your band.

    Best wishes from Spain

  7. Mike says:

    Saw you at Antone’s on Saturday night. Heading over to Amazon to add you to my digital collection. I really enjoyed your show.

  8. Tracey Matchefts says:

    Saw you at Antone’s supporting Bob Schneider and thought you were the best thing I have seen in a long time. Now I cannot get enough of your music. I have been singing “Anymore” all the time.

  9. Tracey says:

    My husband and I saw you at Antone’s last Saturday night. We thought you two were excellent. I have been listening to truth on tape all week. I am encouraging anybody that knows me to check you out. Especially my friends and family back home in Scotland. Looking forward to seeing you at SXSW next week.
    Good Luck

  10. geoff says:

    First saw you at the Knitting Factory on the “Hot Dog for Your Bun” tour with Jeff and Shanti, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Love the new album. Missed you when you were last in LA, maybe next time around.

  11. Jessica Wheeler says:

    I think your mini tour needs to come to Abilene! :) We enjoyed your concert with BFS and the girls and I love your new album!

  12. Murry says:

    Thanks for making such *honest* music. It really is extraordinary and right up my alley…

  13. Linda says:

    This albums is just melting my heart right now, can’t get enough.. This is exactly what you need when everythings falling apart..

    My story? I’m not even sure where to begin..but..
    I met this guy.. Who I thought was all I could ever wish for. I mean he was perfect, to me atleast, and I thought he was generally a really nice guy. We started seeing each other more and more, and I guess I slowly fell in love with him.. Then, there I was one day, looking around on facebook when I saw these messages from a girl on his page. Yep, he had a girlfriend all along. And he never even mentioned a word about her.. i wasn’t really sure what to feel, even though I wasnt the one being cheated on I felt so bad. Both for her and for me. I couldnt believe what an ass he had been.. All of this happening while I had so much else happening in my life.. My dad’s dying, and that not really helping the whole situation as I feel all messed up inside all the time.. I started talking to him again a while ago. And yeah, the story repeats itself. Can’t believe what a fool I’ve been. But i’m slowly starting to let go of this fantasy i think..

    Thank you guys so much for sharing your music with us. Keep it up.

  14. Angie says:

    I love the songs you’ve wrote for Truth on Tape. I came across your music by accident on Youtube, when I was looking up some random song I had heard on the Itunes Radio station. All of your songs sing the one favorite thing I like about people, its the Truth that no one ever really says yet you guys say exactly that. No one ever really says what they mean, and yet you do the exact opposite and its AWSOME.
    I love it! Keep it coming and come on out to Nova Scotia! I know its a bit far from Tx*. But I know they’d love ya here too!
    All the best

  15. Jaime says:

    My story?!? Bob Schneider continues to enrich my life. The first time I saw him live I fell in love with my now husband. The second time, I was BIG and pregnant and he signed a onsie for my newborn. Ah, but the third time I saw him was a charm because he brought your music into my life. Thank you for making songs I love to humm all day and for putting on such a great live show in Omaha, Nebraska. Love you guys! Come back soon – Nebraska loved you guys!!

  16. Wadely says:

    Saw you guys when you opened for Bob Schneider in Omaha last month. Great songs and great stage banter! Ryan was very cool to talk to after the show, even if I did ask him if he was Miranda’s baby daddy! Good luck and keep it going!!

  17. Ty Cabaya says:


    I like the music that I am listening to at the moment, Truth on Tape. I just arrived at work here at the skatepark in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have not too long left then I am going to Africa.

    I should be in Texas before the end of the year. I hope all is well for you and would love to hear from you.

    Cheers from Kabul,